A Garland of Holiday Handles

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There has long been a tradition of looking to the calendar for naming inspiration, as a person’s birthday has often been considered an indication of how they will fare in life and who (or what) they will become; hence naming a child after the saints or holidays associated with the date of the child’s birth. In the linked article, you’ll find a list of some of these festive monikers (don’t forget to click through for more info, as always!):

27 Holiday-Inspired Names

These somewhat-unusual Christmas-related cognomens include:

For girls: Angela, Charity, Chiara, Christina, Clara, Faith, Hannah, Holly, Hope, Imani, Jemima, Joy, Lucy, Mary, Natalie, Natasha, Paloma
For boys: Abner, Alban, Christian, Christopher, Cristobal, Emmanuel, Jasper, Joseph, Nick, Noel


Examples of Elongated Eponyms

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Some folks prefer the simple, straightforward, short-and-sweet when it comes to names, but there is something to be said for the long-and-lovely names in this article, no? (As always, be sure to click through for more info!)

25 Baby Names That Push The Character Count

For girls: Alessandra, Alexandria, Clementine, Elisabeth, Evangeline, Guadalupe, Gwendolyn, Jacqueline, Katherine, Magdalena, Montserrat, Temperance

For boys: Alessandro, Alexzander, Broderick, Christopher / Cristopher / Kristopher, Demetrius, Francisco, Johnathan, Maximilian / Maximiliano, Remington, Zachariah

Popular Names: East Coast vs. West Coast

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The linked article explores a bit how baby-naming trends vary from coast to coast, even within the boundaries of these United States. As always, click through for more info (including some really cool heat maps of each name’s popularity, state-by-state)!

– “These Names Are Trending More With East Coast Than With West Coast Parents

– “Baby Names That Are More West Coast Than East Coast

Girl names, East Coast: Adrianna, Camryn, Caroline, Gabriella, Gabrielle, Jada, Jaliyah, Kayleigh, Kyleigh, Laila, London, Londyn, Miracle, Nyla, Paris, Ryleigh, Skylar
Girl names, West Coast: Audrey, Audrina, Aylin, Daisy, Daphne, Dulce, Evelyn, Hazel, Jimena, June, Kendra, Kira, Lexie, Marilyn, Mila, Mina, Penelope, Perla, Ruby

Boy names, East Coast: Amir, Bryce, Cameron, Jayceon, Messiah, Michael, Nasir, Zion
Boy names, West Coast: Adrian, Alfredo, Damian, Dane, Dominik, Edgar, Gael, Gerardo, Isaac, Ivan, Joaquin, Leonel, Lincoln, Malakai, Maximiliano, Oliver, Orion, Ramon, Rodrigo, Romeo, Ruben

  • BONUS! For those prepsters on the East Coast, or the few stragglers on the West, who are looking for something new and unusual for their future graduate:

– “49 Preppy Baby Names Destined For The Ivy League

Preppy names for girls: Ainsley, Arabella, Bronwyn, Harper, Margaux, Poppy, Tilly

Preppy names for boys: Aldrich, Blaine, Bradford, Briggs, Brooks, Connery, Corbin, Davis, Digby, Graham, Hudson, Ingram, Keaton, Lennox, Merritt, Niles, Orson, Quincy, Roland, Teague, Thatcher, Thompson, Tucker, Vance, Whitaker, Yates

Preppy names for either: Addison, Aubrey, Blair, Darcy, Ellison, Emerson, Finley, Hunter, Kingsley, Leighton, Palmer, Preston, Reed, Sloane, Sterling, Tinsley

A Selection of Heel Goed Dutch Baby Names

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If you follow the link, you’ll be able to find out a little bit more about these fantastic Dutch names (although a pronunciation guide is not always included; you may have to look that up yourself!):

20 Dutch Baby Names You’ll Want to Steal Immediately

(Click here to find the French version.)

For girls: Adrie, Anouk, Danique, Evi, Fay / Faye, Lina, Marit, Noa, Tess
For boys: Bas / Bastiaan, Bram, Cas / Casper, Coen / Coenraad, Everhart, Hans, Joost, Lars, Pim, Sander, Schuyler / Skylar

Everything Old is New Again, Vol. III

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Once again, we delve into the world of classic baby names rarin’ to come roaring back! (Here are the first and second installments; it’s interesting to see where these sorts of articles overlap and where they diverge, no?)

As always, click through for more info:

Names included are:

For girls: Alba, Alma, Anastasia, Annie, Beatrice, Clara, Cora, Dorothy, Felicity, Florence, Frances, Gemma, Hattie, Hazel, Helen, Hilda, Ingrid, June, Leona, Lola, Lucy, Mabel, Mae, Margaret, Margot, Marjorie, Maude, Mercy, Millie, Olive, Pearl, Penny, Rosemary, Rosie, Ruby, Ruth / Ruthie, Sadie, Selma, Thelma, Veda, Vera, and Winifred.

For boys: Albert, Amos, Arthur, August, Augustine, Calvin, Cassius, Charlie, Clarence, Clyde, Enoch, Ephraim, Everett, Felix, Finn, Florin, Francis, Frank, Franklin, Frederick, George, Gilbert, Hank, Harry, Harvey, Henry, Jasper, Julian, Lionel, Oliver, Otto, Owen, Ralph, Reuben, Roland, Samson, Silas, Thaddeus, Theo / Theodore, Truman, Uriah, and Walter.

The State of Pop-Culture Naming, 2015

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People have no doubt been naming their children after pop-culture trends since there’s been anything to consider culture — from saints to royalty to favorite characters. Modern-day pop-culture names reflect some of our most-loved films and television shows (or, for purists, the books they may have been based on). Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Some of the pop-culture names and sources mentioned are:

For girls: Amelia (possibly inspired at least in part by Doctor Who); Arya, Daenerys, Khaleesi, Maisie (after one of the actresses) and Sansa (from the A Song of Ice and FireGame of Thrones series); Cora, Edith, Rose, and Violet (from Downton Abbey); Elsa (from Frozen); Hazel (from the popular YA book The Fault in Our Stars); Katniss (from The Hunger Games series); Luna (from the Harry Potter series); Natasha (from The Avengers movies); Piper (from Orange is the New Black).

For boys: Anakin (from the Star Wars franchise); Archer (from the animated series Archer); Benedict (after the star of Sherlock); Emmet (from The Lego Movie); George (the royal family still influencing popular trends!); Gus (from the popular YA book The Fault in Our Stars); Jesse (from Breaking Bad); Kristoff and Olaf (from Frozen); Loki (from The Avengers movies); Theon and Tyrion (from the A Song of Ice and FireGame of Thrones series).


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Shortened version of “Eben” or “Ebenezer“.

Ben, Bennie, Benny, Ebb, Eben, Eben-ezer, Ebenezer, Ebeneezer, Ez, Eez, etc.

Eb (Ebenezer) Carron (b. 1843), Jethro’s cousin, a hot-headed young man who joins Tom in running off to enlist in the Union Army, in Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt (1964; set during the American Civil War, 1861-1865).


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Hebrew, meaning “stone of help”.

Ben, Bennie, Benny, Eb, Ebb, Eben, Eben-ezer, Ebeneezer, Ez, Eez, etc.

Ebenezer Carron (called “Eb“; b. 1843), Jethro’s cousin, a hot-headed young man who joins Tom in running off to enlist in the Union Army, in Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt (1964; set during the American Civil War, 1861-1865).

Ebenezer Beesley (1840-1906), Anglo-American composer and hymn-writer.
E. (Ebenezer) Cobham Brewer (1810-1897), English lexicographer and writer.
Ebenezer Cooke (c.1665-c.1732), English poet and satirist.
Ebenezer Elliott (1781-1849), English activist and poet.
Ebenezer Erskine (1680-1754), Scottish minister and writer.
Ebenezer Forrest (fl. 1774), English attorney, dramatist, and writer.
Ebenezer Jones (1820-1860), English poet.
Ebenezer Landells (1808-1860), English artist, children’s book writer, illustrator, and publisher.
Ebenezer Joseph Mather (1849-1927), English philanthropist and writer.
Ebenezer Porter (1772-1834), American minister, translator, and writer.
Ebenezer Prout (1835-1909), English composer, teacher, and writer.
Ebenezer Rhodes (1762-1839), English artist, editor, poet, publisher, topographer, and writer.
Ebenezer Platt Rogers (1817-1881), American author and minister.
Ebenezer Sibley (1751-c.1799), English astrologer, physician, and writer.
Ebenezer Syme (1825-1860), Scottish-Australian journalist and publisher.
Ebenezer Thomas (1802-1863), Welsh poet and teacher who also published under the pen name “Eben Fardd”.

A Bevy of Very British Names, Part II

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Another series of links to articles on names throughout Great Britain (see Part I here). As you can see, there’s quite a bit of overlap, though it’s interesting to see where the popularity diverges. Click through for more info on the rankings, as well as on the names themselves! (Also of note is the c.1986 news video on an extremely indecisive couple who gave their daughter 140 names!)

Top 10 Baby Names for England and Wales, 2014:
For girls: Amelia, Ava, Emily, Isabella, Isla, Jessica, Lily, Olivia, Poppy, Sophie
For boys: Charlie, George, Harry, Jack, Jacob, James, Oliver, Oscar, Thomas, William

Most Popular Baby Names in Northern Ireland, 2014:
For girls: Amelia, Anna, Ava, Ella, Emily, Grace, Lucy, Olivia, Sophia, Sophie
For boys: Charlie, Daniel, Ethan, Harry, Jack, Jacob, James, Noah, Oliver, Thomas

Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland, 2014:
For girls: Amelia, Ava, Ella, Emily, Isla, Jessica, Lily, Lucy, Olivia, Sophia, Sophie
For boys: Alexander, Charlie, Daniel, Jack, James, Lewis, Logan, Lucas, Noah, Oliver

Most Popular Baby Names in Wales, 2014:
For girls: Amelia, Ava, Emily, Evie, Isla, Lily, Mia, Olivia, Poppy, Ruby
For boys: Alfie, Charlie, Dylan, Jack, Jacob, Leo, Logan, Noah, Oliver, Oscar, William

By Any Other Name: Writers Named Esther

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There are many writers named “Esther“, and here you can find a good, solid list to start with:

Esther Bradford Aresty (1908-2000), American collector, historian, and writer.
Esther Averill (1902-1992), American children’s book author, editor, illustrator, and publisher.
Esther Bendahan (b. 1964), Moroccan-Spanish author and translator.
Esther Biddle (c.1629-1697), English preacher and writer also known as “Hester Biddle”.
Esther Baum Born (1902-1987), American author and photographer.
Esther Boserup (1910-1999), Danish economist and writer.
Esther Brann (1899-1998), American children’s book author and illustrator.
Esther (E.M.) Broner (1927-2011), American activist and author.
Esther Eberstadt Brooke (1894-1987), American author and counselor.
Esther Edwards Burr (1732-1758), American diarist.
Esther Chapa (1904-1970), Mexican activist, doctor, and writer.
Esther Copley (1786-1851), English children’s book author and nonfiction writer.
Esther Croft (b. 1945), Canadian educator and writer.
Esther David (b. 1945), Indian artist, author, and sculptor.
Esther Delisle (b. 1954), Canadian author and historian.
Esther Forbes (1891-1967), American children’s book author, historian, and novelist.
Esther Freud (b. 1963), English novelist.
Esther Friesner (b. 1951), American fantasy and science fiction author.
Esther Frumkin (1880-1943), Russian activist and author.
Esther Garber (1947-2015), pen name of English author and poet Tanith Lee, who also published as “Judas Garbah”.
Esther Gitman (b. 1941), Yugoslavian historian.
Esther Glen (1881-1940), pen name of New Zealander activist, children’s book author, journalist, and novelist Alice Esther Glen, also known as simply “Esther”.
Esther Schiff Goldfrank (1896-1997), German-American anthropologist and writer.
Esther Hautzig (1930-2009), American novelist.
Esther (“Etty”) Hillesum (1914-1943), Dutch diarist and woman-of-letters.
Esther Allen Howland (1801-1860), American nonfiction writer.
Esther Inglis (1571-1624), British artisan, artist, bookbinder, calligrapher, and manuscript-maker.
Esther Cooper Jackson (b. 1917), American activist, editor, and writer.
Esther Johnson (1681-1728), English woman-of-letters.
Esther Kellner (1908-1998), American author and civil servant.
Esther Kreitman (1891-1954), Polish novelist and short story writer.
Esther (“Eppie”) Lederer (1918-2002), American columnist who published under the pen name “Ann Landers”.
Esther Martinez (1912-2006), Tewa (Native American) linguist and storyteller.
Esther McCoy (1904-1989), American author and historian.
Esther McCracken (1902-1971), English actress and playwright.
Esther Morgan (b. 1970), English poet.
Esther Nelson (1810-1843), Manx poet.
Esther Nirina (1932-2004), Malagasy poet.
Esther Raab (1894-1981), Israeli author and poet.
Esther Rochon (b. 1948), Canadian science fiction author.
Esther Kerr Rusthoi (1909-1962), American author, composer, evangelist, poet, and singer.
Esther Seligson (1941-2010), Mexican academic, historian, poet, translator, and writer.
Esther Popel Shaw (1896-1958), American activist, editor, educator, poet, and writer.
Esther Singleton (1865-1930), American editor, historian, and travel writer.
Esther Streit-Wurzel (1932-2013), Israeli children’s book author and educator.
Esther Tusquets (1936-2012), Spanish essayist, novelist, and publisher.
Esther Boise Van Deman (1862-1937), American archaeologist and writer.
Esther Vanhomrigh (c.1688-1723), Irish woman-of-letters.
Esther Vilenska (1918-1975), Polish-Israeli activist, author, journalist, and politician.
Esther Voet (b. 1963), Dutch editor and journalist.
Esther von Kirkbach (1894-1946), German chaplain, journalist, and poet.
Esther Clark Wright (1895-1990), Canadian author and historian.

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