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English form of the Greek “Helene”, meaning “torch” or “bright one”.

Alaina, Alayna, Alena, Aleena, Alenka, Alyona, Eleanor, Elena, Elene, Eleni, Elin, Ella, Elle, Ellen, Ellie, Elly, Helaine, Helayne, Helena, Helene, Ileana, Iliana, Jelena, Jelica, Jelka, Léan, Leena, Lena, Leni, Lenka, Lina, Nell, Nelle, Nellie, Nelly, Olena, Yelena, etc.

– Helen Burns, Jane’s pious, calm, and intelligent friend at Lowood Institute, in Jane Eyre, 1847, by Charlotte Bronte.
– Helen Warburton, née Harper, who tries to teach valuable lessons to her young guests, in “Pansies” from A Garland for Girls, by Louisa May Alcott, 1887.

– Helen Bannerman (1862-1946), Scottish children’s book writer.
– Helen Diner (1874-1948), pen name of Austrian historian, journalist, and writer Bertha Eckstein-Diener.
– Helen Forrester (1919-2011), pen name of English author June Bhatia.
– Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885), American activist, poet, and writer.
– Helen Keller (1880-1968), American activist and author.
– Helen MacInnes (1907-1985), Scottish author.
– Helen Hooven Santmeyer (1895-1986), American poet and writer.
Helen Tayler (1869-1951), British author and historian who published under the pen names “Hetty Tayler” and “Henrietta Tayler”, and often published jointly with her brother, Alexander.
– Helen Thomas (1920-2013), American author, columnist, and reporter.

– From “The First Kiss“, by Norman Rowland Gale: “On Helen’s heart the day were night! / But I may not adventure there: / Here breast is guarded by a right, / And she is true as fair.”
– From “Old Letters“, also by Norman Rowland Gale: “How rough a hill my eager feet / Flung backward when upon its crest / I saw the flutter of the lace / The wind awoke on Helen’s breast!”


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