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Diminutive of “Dorothy“, “Isadora”, “Theodora”, “Dorcas“, “Doris”, “Dolores”, etc.

Dede, Dee, Ditte, Dittie, Ditty, Dodie, Dody, Doll, Dollie, Dolly, Dolores, Dorcas, Doreen, Dorelle, Dorene, Dorete, Doretta, Dorie, Dorinda, Dorine, Doris, Dorit, Dorita, Doro, Dorota, Dorothea, Dorothy, Dorte, Dorthe, Dory, Dosia, Dot, Dottie, Dotty, Feodora, Isadora, Isidora, Teodora, Theodora, etc.

Great Aunt Dora, Etka’s kid sister, “maybe the most affectionate woman who ever lived”, in Sleeping Arrangements, by Laura Cunningham (published 1989, set in the 1950s).
Dora Robson, a good-humored, slightly snobbish Boston girl in “That Little Smith Girl” from Nora Perry’s A Flock of Girls and Boys (1895).

Dora Acuña (1903-1987), Paraguayan journalist and poet.
Dora (Doralina) Alonso (1910-2001), Cuban journalist and writer.
Dora Birtles (1903-1992), Australian novelist, poet, short story author, and travel writer.
Dora d’Istria (1828-1888), pen name of Hungarian activist and writer, the duchess Helena Koltsova-Massalskaya.
Dora Gabe (1886-1983), Bulgarian essayist, poet, short story writer, translator, and travel writer.
Dora Read Goodale (1866-1953), American poet and teacher.
Dora (Dorothy) Greenwell (1821-1882), English poet.
Dora Heldt (b. 1961), German novelist.
Dora Maar (1907-1997), Argentinian muse, painter, photographer, and poet.
Dora Malech (b. 1981), American poet.
Dora (Dorothy) Montefiore (1851-1933), Anglo-Australian activist, poet, and writer.
Dora Levy Mossanen (b. 1945), American novelist.
Dora Pavel (b. 1946), Romanian journalist, novelist, poet, and short story writer.
Dora Russell (1894-1986), English activist and writer.
Dora Oake Russell (1912-1986), Canadian editor, educator, and writer.
Dora Jessie Saint (1913-2012), English novelist who published under the pen name “Miss Read”.
Dora Sigerson Shorter (1866-1918), Irish poet and sculptor.
Dora (Theodora) van der Meiden-Coolsma (1918-2001), Dutch children’s book author and columnist who also published under the pen name “Constanze Hazelager”.
Dora Van Gelder (1904-1999), Dutch-American occultist, theosophist, and writer.
Dora Wasserman (1919-2003), Ukrainian actress, director, and playwright.


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