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Diminutive of “Jessica“, or an old Scottish diminutive of “Jean” / “Janet“. Possibly a variation of the masculine “Jesse”, from Hebrew, meaning “gift”.

For girls: Janet, Jean, Jess, Jessa, Jesslin, Jessalyn, Jesse, Jessenia, Jessica, Jessika, Jessy, Teasag, Yesika, Yessica, etc.
For boys: Jess, Jesse.

Jessie Darcey, a wildly popular soprano in Chicago, whose talent and personality Thea does not care for, in The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather (written in 1915 and set in the 1890s).
Jessie Delano, who must work as a dancing school instructor to try and support herself and her invalid sister, Laura, in “An Ivy Spray and Ladies’ Slippers”, from A Garland for Girls, by Louisa May Alcott, 1887.
Jessie Mayo, of the twisted ankle, one of the girls Doctor Tom tells the story of Sylvie to, in “The Story of Little Syl”, from The Youngest Miss Lorton, and Other Stories by Nora Perry (1889).


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