Babies Naming Babies

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In this link, you’ll find an internet discussion about what happens when you ask preschoolers for baby name suggestions. Hilarity ensues. (Although, to be fair, some of their “outlandish” suggestions aren’t too far off from the “unique” names a lot of parents saddle their kids with. After all, once you’re naming children “Bentley” and “Porsche”,  can “Racecar” be far behind? And if “Paisley” and “Hashtag” are acceptable, why not “Balloon” and “Potato”?)


A Garland of Holiday Handles

January 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

There has long been a tradition of looking to the calendar for naming inspiration, as a person’s birthday has often been considered an indication of how they will fare in life and who (or what) they will become; hence naming a child after the saints or holidays associated with the date of the child’s birth. In the linked article, you’ll find a list of some of these festive monikers (don’t forget to click through for more info, as always!):

27 Holiday-Inspired Names

These somewhat-unusual Christmas-related cognomens include:

For girls: Angela, Charity, Chiara, Christina, Clara, Faith, Hannah, Holly, Hope, Imani, Jemima, Joy, Lucy, Mary, Natalie, Natasha, Paloma
For boys: Abner, Alban, Christian, Christopher, Cristobal, Emmanuel, Jasper, Joseph, Nick, Noel

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