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Shortened form of “Mattie” / “Matty” or “Matthew“.

For girls: Maddi, Maddie, Maddy, Madge, Mart, Martie, Marty, Mat, Matti, Mattie, Matty, Maud, Maude, Maudie, Midge, Pat, Patti, Pattie, Patty, Tilda, Tilde, Tillie, Tilly, etc.
For boys: Mat, Mattie, Matty, etc.

Matt (Matthew) Creighton, Ellen’s husband and Jethro’s father, a well-respected farmer of integrity and compassion, in Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt (1964; set during the American Civil War, 1861-1865).
Matt (Mattie) Silver, Zeena’s attractive young cousin who comes to stay with the Fromes, in Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome (written in 1911, but set in the 1890s or first few years of the 1900s).

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