A Galaxy of the Unusual

August 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

Parents often search high and low for the most unique baby names they can find, hoping to set their little ones apart from the crowd, but this sometimes results in some, shall we say, strange choices, as we can see in the article linked in this post.

Parents of the world: Stop the madness! It really isn’t such an awful thing to share a name, and in fact can feel somewhat lonesome to be the only Dagobert or Jerusha around. You may not be doing your child any favors by bestowing that “unique” name upon them, as it could easily turn out to be less of a blessing and more of a curse. When in doubt, try the “esteemed profession” rule: Say the name you’ve chosen out loud, preceded by the words “Doctor”, “President”, or “Supreme Court Justice”. If it sounds suspiciously like a character from Idiocracy, you might want to reconsider your decision. . . .

Words You Won’t Believe Have Been Turned Into Baby Names


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