By Any Other Name: Writers Named Laura

May 31, 2015 § 1 Comment

There are many, many writers named “Laura“, with a seeming preponderance of novelists. Here is a starter for you:

Laura Albert (b. 1965), American author who also published under the pen names “Emily Frasier”, “Gluttenberg”, “JT LeRoy”, “Laura Victoria”, and “Speedy”.
Laura Adams Armer (1874-1963), American artist, author, and photographer.
Laura Bynum (b. 1968), American novelist.
Laura Cereta (1469-1499), Italian humanist and writer.
Laura Frankos (b. 1960), American author and columnist.
Laura Freixas (b. 1958), Spanish columnist, novelist, and short story writer.
Laura Furman (b. 1945), American author and editor.
Laura Gallego García (b. 1977), Spanish fantasy and science fiction author.
Laura Anne Gilman (b. 1967), American fantasy author.
Laura Crafton Gilpin (1950-2007), American activist, nurse, and poet.
Laura Hardy (1937-2000), pen name of English romance author Sheila Holland, who also published as “Charlotte Lamb”, “Sheila Coates”, “Sheila Lancaster”, and “Victoria Wolf”.
Laura Hillenbrand (b. 1967), American author and non-fiction writer.
Laura Chapman Hruska (1935-2010), American editor, lawyer, novelist, and publisher.
Laura Jones (b. 1946), Australian screenwriter.
Laura Kasischke (b. 1961), American author and poet.
Laura Lamson (1948-2008), American lecturer and screenwriter.
Laura Jean Libbey (1862-1924), American novelist.
Laura Lippman (b. 1959), American mystery author.
Laura Beatrice Mancini (1821-1869), Italian poet.
Laura McCullough (b. 1960), American editor, poet, and writer.
Laura J. Mixon (b. 1957), American engineer and science fiction author, who also publishes under the pen name “Morgan J. Locke”.
Laura Moriarty (b. 1952), American novelist and poet.
Laura Moriarty (b. 1970), American novelist.
Laura Mullen (b. 1958), American poet.
Laura Numeroff (b. 1953), American children’s book author and illustrator.
Laura Orvieto (1876-1955), Italian children’s book author.
Laura Resnick (b. 1962), American fantasy author.
Laura E. Richards (1850-1943), American author, biographer, children’s book writer, and poet.
Laura Salverson (1890-1970), Canadian novelist.
Laura Redden Searing (1839-1923), American columnist, journalist and poet, who published under the pen name “Howard Glyndon”.
Laura Amy Schlitz (b. 1955), American children’s book author.
Laura Veccia Vaglieri (1893-1989), Italian scholar and writer.
Laura Wade (b. 1977), English playwright.
Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957), American author and memoirist.
Laura Wilson (b. 1964), English crime author.



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