Most Popular Last Names in the U.S.

May 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

“Baby name trends can change wildly from generation to generation, but last names tend to stick around. . . . For each name, we created state-by-state heat maps and racial breakdowns. A few of the patterns and regional differences might surprise you.”
Click through to the article to see the rankings, and to learn more:

America’s 21 Most Popular Last Names (Plus Maps and Charts for Each)

The names (in alphabetical order, not order of popularity) are:
Anderson, Brown, Davis, Garcia, Hernandez, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Lopez, Martin, Martinez, Miller, Moore, Rodriguez, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Smith, White, Williams, Wilson

Related article: “The 18 Whitest Last Names in America” (which would you guess is number one?):

Fox, Hansen, Hoffman, Kelley, Meyer, Miller, Myers, Olson, Peters, Peterson, Ryan, Schmidt, Snyder, Stone, Sullivan, Wagner, Weaver, Wood


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