The Meanings of 62 Last Names

May 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

This Mental Floss video gives the meanings of 62 different last names, including the language or country of origin. Click through to find out what they are:

List Show: 62 Last Name Meanings

Names that made the list:
Adams, Allen, Anderson, Baker, Baxter, Becker, Brown, Campbell, Carter, Clark, Cohen, Cook, Cooper, Evans, Fox, Garcia, Gomez, Green, Hall, Hill, Hoffman, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kim, King, Lee, Lewis, Li, Lopez, Lynch, Martinez, Miller, Moore, Muller, Murphy, Myers, Novak, Oleson, Olsen, Parker, Perry, Phillips, Roberts, Robinson, Rodriguez, Rogers, Russell, Schmidt, Schneider, Smith, Stewart, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Torres, Turner, Walker, Weber, White, Wilson, Wright, Young


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