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From the Old Norse “Sveinn”, meaning “boy”.

Soini, Svein, Sveinn, Svend, Svens

Sven Hanson, Carrie’s solemn and austere brother-in-law in Chicago, in Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie (published in 1900; set 1889-1890s).

Sven Agessen (b. 1140-50-death unknown), Danish historian and writer.
Sven Delblanc (1931-1992), Swedish academic, author, professor, and translator.
Sven G. Eliassen (b. 1944), Norwegian historian.
Sven Elvestad (1884-1934), Norwegian author and journalist, who published mystery stories under the pen name “Stein Riverton”.
Sven Hassel (or Hazel; 1917-2012), pen name of Danish novelist Børge Willy Redsted Pedersen.
Sven Hedin (1865-1962), Swedish explorer, geographer, illustrator, photographer, topographer, and travel writer.
Sven Lidman (1882-1960), Swedish dramatist, novelist, poet, and preacher.
Sven Lidman (1921-2011), Swedish lexicographer and writer.
Sven Lindqvist (b. 1932), Swedish author and historian.
Sven Methling, Jr. (1918-2005), Danish director and screenwriter.
Sven Moren (1871-1938), Norwegian activist, author, children’s book writer, farmer, playwright, poet, and politician.
Sven Rosén (1708-1750), Swedish theologian and writer.
Sven Stolpe (1905-1996), Swedish critic, journalist, scholar, translator, and writer.


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