By Any Other Name: Writers Named Tom

February 9, 2015 § 1 Comment

There are hundreds of writers named “Tom“, and here is a list of many of them:

Tom Andrews (1961-2001), American critic and poet.
Tom Barry (1885-1931), American comedian, playwright, and screenwriter.
Tom Becker (b. 1981), English children’s book writer.
Tom Birdseye (b. 1951), American children’s book writer.
Tom W. Blackburn (1913-1992), American author, lyricist, and screenwriter.
Tom Bodett (b. 1955), American author, broadcaster, and voice actor.
Tom Bradby (b. 1967), English author and journalist.
Tom Brokaw (b. 1940), American author, broadcaster, editor, and journalist.
Tom Brown (1662-1704), English satirist and translator.
Tom Buckingham (1895-1934), American director and screenwriter.
Tom Burns (1906-1995), Anglo-Chilean editor and publisher.
Tom Clancy (1947-2013), American historian and novelist.
Tom Clark (b. 1941), American biographer, editor, and poet.
–  Tom Cutter (b. 1951), one of the many pen names of American mystery and Western author Robert J. Randisi, who also publishes as “Cole Weston”, “Joseph Meek”, “Joshua Randall”, “Lew Baines”, “Paul Ledd”, “Robert Lake”, “Spenser Fortune”, and “W.B. Longley”, among other pseudonyms.
Tom Dardis (1926-2001), American author and editor.
Tom Dawe (b. 1940), Canadian children’s book writer and poet.
Tom De Haven (b. 1949), American author, editor, journalist, and teacher.
Tom Deitz (1952-2009), American artist, educator, and fantasy author.
Tom Devine (b. 1945), Scottish historian and writer.
Tom Dolby (b. 1975), Anglo-American editor, essayist, filmmaker, journalist, and novelist.
Tom Egeland (b. 1959), Norwegian novelist.
Tom Fontana (b. 1951), American playwright, producer, and screenwriter.
Tom French (b. 1966), Irish poet.
Tom Gallacher (1934-2001), Scottish playwright.
Tom Gibson (1888-1950), American director and screenwriter.
Tom Glazer (1914-2003), American singer and songwriter.
Tom Godwin (1915-1980), American sci-fi author.
Tom Hadaway (1923-2005), English dramatist and screenwriter.
Tom T. Hall (b. 1936), American novelist, singer, songwriter, and short story writer.
Tom Harpur (b. 1929), Canadian author, broadcaster, columnist, priest, and theologian.
Tom Hayden (b. 1939), American activist, author, and politician.
Tom Healy (b. 1961), American poet, professor, and writer.
Tom Holland (b. 1968), British historian and novelist.
Tom (T.A.G.) Hungerford (1915-2011), Australian author and journalist.
Tom Jans (1948-1984), American musician, singer, and songwriter.
Tom Kettle (1880-1916), Irish barrister, economist, journalist, poet, politician, soldier, and writer.
Tom Kristensen (1893-1974), Danish critic, journalist, novelist, and poet.
Tom Kristensen (b. 1955), Norwegian novelist.
Tom Kromer (1906-1969), American novelist.
Tom Lanoye (b. 1958), Belgian columnist, novelist, playwright, and poet.
Tom Lotherington (b. 1950), Norwegian biographer, novelist, poet, and translator.
Tom (T.) Lovatt-Williams (1897-1986), English poet and writer.
Tom MacInnes (1867-1951), Canadian poet and translator.
Tom Mandel (b. 1942), American poet.
Tom Marshall (1938-1993), Canadian novelist and poet.
Tom Maschler (b. 1933), Anglo-Austrian publisher and writer.
Tom McHale (1902-1994), American novelist.
Tom McHale (1941-1982), American novelist.
Tom McGrath (1940-2009), Scottish musician and playwright.
Tom Munnelly (1944-2007), Irish folklorist and writer.
Tom Murphy (b. 1935), Irish dramatist.
Tom Naegels (b. 1975), Belgian author and journalist.
Tom Paulin (b. 1949), Irish critic and poet.
Tom Perotta (b. 1961), American novelist and screenwriter.
Tom Petty (b. 1950), American musician, producer, singer, and songwriter.
Tom Pickard (b. 1946), English filmmaker and poet.
Tom Pocock (1925-2007), English biographer, historian, and journalist.
Tom Purdom (b. 1936), American critic and author.
Tom Raworth (b. 1938), English artist and poet.
Tom Regan (b. 1938), American activist, philosopher, and writer.
Tom Robbins (b. 1932), American novelist.
Tom Schulman (b. 1950), American screenwriter.
Tom Scott (1918-1995), Scottish editor, poet, and writer.
Tom Sexton (b. 1940), American poet.
Tom Shippey (b. 1943), English author, historian, and scholar.
Tom Springfield (b. 1934), pen name of American singer and songwriter Dionysius P.A. O’Brien.
Tom Stacey (b. 1930), English novelist, publisher, and screenwriter.
Tom Stannage (1944-2012), Australian administrator, academic, and historian.
Tom Stoppard (b. 1937), Anglo-Czech playwright and screenwriter.
Tom Snow (b. 1947), American singer and songwriter.
Tom Taylor (1817-1880), English biographer, critic, dramatist, and editor.
Tom Tryon (1926-1991), American actor, author, and screenwriter.
Tom Waits (b. 1949), American actor, singer, and songwriter.
Tom Walmsley (b. 1948), Canadian novelist, poet, playwright, and screenwriter.
Tom Wayman (b. 1945), Canadian academic, poet, and writer.
Tom Whitecloud (1914-1972), American author and physician.
Tom Whitlock (b. 1954), American lyricist and songwriter.
Tom Wintringham (1898-1949), English activist, author, historian, journalist, poet, politician, and soldier.
Tom Wolfe (b. 1931), American author and journalist.



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