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Variant of “Jack“, or diminutive of “Jacob”.

Cobus, Coby, Jaak, Jack, Jackie, Jacko, Jacks, Jacky, Jacob, Jak, Jakes, Jakey, Jakin, Jaks, Jax, Jaxon, Jaxson, Jeb, Jeppe, Jock, Jockie, Jocky, Koba, Kobe, Koby, etc.

Jake, a “tough” who lives in Cove Street and adores sharp little Becky Hawkins, in “Becky”, from Nora Perry’s A Flock of Girls and Boys (1895).
Jake Roscoe, an elderly neighbor of the Creighton’s, whose son (also named “Jake“) is off fighting in the war, in Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt (1964; set during the American Civil War, 1861-1865).

Jake Arnott (b. 1961), English novelist.
Jake Copass (1920-2006), American poet and storyteller.
Jake Halpern (b. 1975), American author, commentator, and producer.
Jake Holmes (b. 1939), American singer and songwriter.
Jake McDonald (b. 1949), Canadian novelist and writer.
Jake Saunders (b. 1947), American businessman, novelist, and science fiction author.
Jake Thackray (1938-2002), pen name of English journalist, poet, singer, and songwriter John Philip Thackray.
Jake Adam York (1972-2012), American poet.


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