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Alternative / Anglicized spelling of “Sile”, an Irish variation of “Cecilia” / “Cecily” / “Cicely“; or an alternate spelling of “Sheela” / “Shila”, a Hindu / Sanskrit name meaning “good character” or “good conduct”.

Cacilia, Cacelie, Caecilia, Cecilia, Cecilie, Cecilija, Cecille, Cecily, Cecylia, Cicely, Cicily, Cila, Cila, Cili, Cilka, Cilla, Cille, Cissi, Cissie, Cissy, Shayla, Shaylah, Shelagh, Sheelagh, Sheelah, Sheilah, Shelia, Shyla, Shylah, Sila, Sile, Sileas, Silja, Silje, Silke, Silla, Sille, Sissi, Sissie, Sissy, Tsetsiliya, Zila, Zile, Zilla, Zillah, Zille, etc.

Sheila Kriszinski, Lily’s new best friend in high school, who counts as somewhat “bad company”, in Sleeping Arrangements, by Laura Cunningham (published 1989, set in the 1950s).

Sheila Baxter (b. 1933), Canadian activist and author.
Sheila Bhatia (1916-2008), Indian playwright and poet.
Sheila Burnford (1918-1984), Scottish-Canadian author and traveler.
Sheila Callaghan (b. 1973), American playwright and screenwriter.
Sheila Connolly (b. 1950), American mystery author.
Sheila Cussons (1922-2004), South African painter, poet, and writer.
Sheila Finch (b. 1935), Anglo-American science fiction author.
Sheila Fischman (b. 1937), Canadian columnist, editor, and translator.
Sheila Fitzpatrick (b. 1941), Australian-American author, historian, and professor.
Sheila Meiring Fugard (b. 1932), South African novelist, playwright, poet, and short story writer.
Sheila Gordon (1927-2013), South African novelist.
Sheila Heti (b. 1976), Canadian author and editor.
Sheila Holland (1937-2000), English romance author who also published under the pen names “Charlotte Lamb”, “Laura Hardy”, “Sheila Coates”, “Sheila Lancaster”, and “Victoria Wolf”.
Sheila Kaye-Smith (1887-1956), English novelist.
Sheila K. McCullagh (1920-2014), English author and children’s book writer.
Sheila E. Murphy (b. 1951), American poet.
Sheila Nicholls (b. 1970), English singer and songwriter.
Sheila Nickerson (b. 1942), American poet and writer.
Sheila Quigley (b. 1947), English suspense and thriller author.
Sheila Rowbotham (b. 1943), English activist and writer.
Sheila Stewart (1937-2014), Scottish author, singer, and storyteller.
Sheila Stuart (1892-1974), pen name of Scottish author and children’s book writer Gladys May Baker.
Sheila Walsh (1928-2009), English romance author who also published under the pen name “Sophie Leyton”.
Sheila Watson (1909-1998), Canadian critic, novelist, and teacher.



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Possibly from an Anglo-Saxon last name, meaning “sea-spear”, or a Hindu name meaning “lake” or “ocean”.

Saegar, Sager, Sakar, Saker, Seagar, Seager, Seegar, Seeger, Segar, Seger, Sigar, Siger, etc.

Sagar Morrison, a friend of Hurstwood and Drouet in Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie (published in 1900; set 1889-1890s).

Sagar Sarhadi (b. 1933), Indian director, playwright, producer, screenwriter, and short story writer.

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